Friday, December 19, 2008

Pumpkin Ellissery

Pumpkin Ellissery

This is one of authentic kerala curries which is served with rice.


Pumpkin - chopped in to big chunks - 2 cups [ i used green pumkin ]
water - enough to cook the pumkin

salt - to tate

To make a paste

greated coconut - 1/2cup
cumin seeds - 1tsp
black pepper - 5-6 whole
redchillies - 2-4

mustard seeds -1tsp
curryleaves - 7-8
redchillies -2
shredded coconut - 3tbs

coconut oil - 3tsp


Cook the pumpkin with enough water turmeric and salt.

Dry roast the coconut,cumin seeds,pepper and redchillies until coconut is light browm.Let it cool. Make a fine paste. [If there is excess water after cooking the pumkin use it to grind the coconut]

Mix this paste to the cooked pumpkin. [drain the excess water].
let it boil.
In a nonstick pan add coconut oil,mustard,redchillies,curry leaves and the coconut. Roast until coconut turns brown about 3-4 miniutes.
Add the seasoning to the ellissery.

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