Thursday, January 15, 2015

Burmese Tea Leaf Salad/Lahpet Thoke

As a lot of my friends know,I am a foodie,luv to cook and try new vegetarian cuisines..One of my friend Wimala who shares the same passion as me mentioned about a Burmese restuarant in Sanfrancisco where they serve delicious Tea leaf salad.Since my neighbour Aye-Aye is from Burma I was asking her if she knows any burmese restuarants close by since SFO is a lil far away for me.She mentioned that she will make the salad for me.Luckily for me she was visiting her family in Burma the next day and when Aye Aye came back she made delicious tea leaf salad and gave me a packet of Pickled tea leaf..I was super excited to try the salad and make some more with the packet I got..This Salad is very easy to make and tastes delicious..The pickled tea leaf can be brought in any Asian stores.


Pickled Tea leaves-the entire packet [Picture below for reference]
Cabbage-3 cups finely chopped
Shallots-2-3 medium
Green chillies-1
grated ginger-2-3 tbs
Garlic-1 chopped
Cilantro-3 tbs chopped
lemon juice-2 tbs or more to taste


In a large bowl add finely chopped Cabbage,tomatoes,Shallots,green chillies,garlic,cilantro,pickled tea leaves and nuts[which come in the packet].Mix well.Add the squeezed lemon juice.Enjoy

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