Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eggplant Pulikozhambhu and Eggplant in Coconut Gravy


Eggplant in Coconut Gravy

I always end up with a little bit of coconut
milk after making Olan or stew which I save in
the refrigerator and most of the time forget
about it. After couple of days when I open it
is not the same coconut milk any more :(

I enjoy making Thai food. So one day I thought
of making eggplant coconut milk curry - Indian
style. First I tried with rasam powder instead
of garam masala. That tastes like south Indian
food and goes well with dosa or upma. Then I
tried making it with garam masala and it tasted
like north Indian which goes well with rotis.
It is cool huh? Hmm.. isn't that better than
forgetting about the coconut milk and throwing
it away.


Eggplant-4 chopped[Use Chinese or Indian


Onion-1/2 cup chopped

Tomatoes-1 chopped

garam masala powder-1/2 tsp[for north Indian



Rasam powder-1 tsp[South version]

For seasoning:

Mustard seeds-1 tsp
Curry leaves- a few
Red chillies-3

Oil-1 tbs

Coconut milk/cream-1 cup

Salt-to taste

Kasoormethi[dries fenugreek leaves]-3 pinches


In a pan add the oil,mustard seeds ,red

chillies and curry leaves,when mustard seeds

splutters add the chopped onion and saute until

onion is translucent.

Add the tomatoes and saute 3-4 minutes or until

tomatoes are soft. Now add the chopped egg

plants,garam masala powder,salt and saute a few

more minutes until they are cooked and soft but

not mushy.

Add the coconut milk/coconut cream and stir

well. Bring to a boil .Remove from the flame

and garnish with fenugreek leaves.Serve hot

with Roti,Rice...

Eggplant Pulikozhambhu

Pulikozhambhu can be made in different varieties like with vettals[chuddakkai,marthankali etc...]
or with vegetables like eggplant,okra,karela and onion.


Eggplant - 4 medium chopped in to small cubes

Onion-1 medium chopped into small chunk

tamarind water - 2 1/4 cups

turmeric powder-1/2tsp

pulikozhambhu powder /sambar powder - 3/4 tbs


mustard seeds-1tsp
chana Dal-1/2tbs
red chillies-4
sesame oil -1tbs

salt-to taste


curry leaves -7-8


Soak a golf ball size tamarind in 2 1/4 cups warm water an squeeze the juice out.Strain it and keep it aside.

In a pan add the seasoning,curry leaves and oil ,when it splutters add the onion and eggplant .Saute until the raw smell of onion disappears.
Add the tamarind juice,turmeric powder and salt and cook in medium flame until eggplant is soft.

Mix kozhambhu powder with 2 tbs water and make a paste. Add this to the eggplant kozhambhu and bring it to boil. Add the hing and remove from the flame.
Serve hot with rice.

These recipes goes to Sanghi's FIL-Eggplant event:)
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kittymatti said...

wow! looks so delicious dear!

Ann said...

Sounds yummm and tempting.

Prathibha said...

Nice entry for the event...looks yummy

Pari said...

Your curry looks creamy and mouth's already watering. A very judicious use of the coconut milk.

Vegetation said...

Mmm that eggplant in coconut gravy looks wonderfully creamy and so delicious!

Sanghi said...

Wow..! Delicious entries dear..! Thanks!:)

Padma said...

Looks so delicious... nice entries for the event :)

Parita said...

Oh i love eggplant in coconut gravy...tastes delicious! i loved your rasgullas too..i was craving for some yesterday :)

ganga said...

I have nominated u for the Kreativ blogger award ..pls visit my blog&accept it

Babli said...

I liked your blog very much.I will definitely try out this recipe as it looks yummy and delicious.

Chitra said...

Looks delicious and easy..will try the first one soon:)

Nags said...

my fave veg, and each day i discover new dishes with it!!

Divya Vikram said...

Pulikuzhambu looks really tangy and sounds great with rice.

Vidhya said...

egg plant looks so delicious...

Sophie said...

ooo... i am an eggplant super fan! sigh. i want the spicy eggplant sooooo badly right now. with rice.

Here I bought a sauce pack so as to skip all the seasonings! and i will try this friday after work.

n33ma said...

This will be so good with rice.

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Sanghi said...

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Malar Gandhi said...

Love eggplants, they look pretty...recipe sounds very interesting to me...a must try one.

Raje said...

Looks Yummy! Interesting recipe

Dhanya Nambirajan said...

Thank you so much friends:).