Saturday, February 7, 2009

Microwave Thirattipal

Thirattipal is a sweet which is made with Milk and
sugar.The milk is allowed to boil till it thickens and
curdles and sugar is added until it becomes thick and
this is how it is made traditionally. But this method is
very time consuming.
I got this easy microwave thirattipal from one of my
friends which tastes as good as the traditional
thirattipal and is made in a jiffy.


Sweetened Condensed Milk - 2 tins [14 oz each,I use


Fresh Yogurt-2 tbs

Ghee-6 tsp


In a deep microwave bowl add all the ingredients and mix
well.Microwave in high for 2 minutes. Take it out,and
mix well and again cook for 2 more minutes.It takes 6-8
minutes to get the right consistency depending on your
microwave. .How you know it is done is when the ghee
starts to come out and thirattipal obtains a pink colour.
Let it cook for 15 minutes. Enjoy.

This goes to Sri's " EFM - MICROWAVE OVEN SERIES"event


Priya Sriram said...

I love all your recipes! :)
Especially sweets! They look so yummy and simple to prepare.
Thanks for sharing Dhanya!

Dhanya said...

Thank you Dear. I am glad that you liked these sweet recipes. They r so easy to make and yummy to eat. Try it and let me know how it turned out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recipe! I tried it and it came out very well, totally love it:)

Anonymous said...

I tried it!! yummy and easy too. Loved it!