Saturday, January 3, 2009

Black Eyed Beans Olan

Black Eyed Beans Olan

Olan is made with red beans/chuvanna payaru but unfortunately i did not have it in my pantry today. So thought will try with Black eyed beans. It came out pretty good.


Black eyed beans - 1cup

Pumpkin - 1 1/2 cups cut into large chunks

red chillies -4-5

curry leaves - 6-8

coconut milk - 1 cup

Coconut oil - 2tsp

Salt - to taste


Soak the beans 4-5 hours and pressure cook for 1 whistle.Remove and drain the water from the beans.Set aside.

Cook the pumpkin with water and drain the water from the pumpkin also.

Mix together the beans , pumpkin ,red chillies,curry leaves and salt.Add the coconut milk and bring it to boil.

Remove from the flame and add the coconut oil.Serve hot with rice.

This goes to Srivalli's and Susan's "My Legume Love Affair, Seventh Helping! " Event

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Frederick said...

Hello Dhanya! "Black Eyed Beans Olan" I must say that this recipe is almost totally new for my taste. But that's exactly what I'm looking for... ;-)

I believe we all could use a change in our food intake if only to make things different or exciting. Eating the same foods over and over again for long periods of time can take the fun out of eating, I think.

I also like your ingredients. I think they're healthy. Of course, your using coconut oil and coconut milk. ;-)

Thanks a lot for this!

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